January 29

Best Things About Being a Teacher


It’s an exciting time to be a teacher, with so many options available and job opportunities open all around the world. You can even find a  range of teaching jobs online that offer rewarding and fulfilling career opportunities. But what’s so great about being a teacher, anyway?

Some struggle to see the attraction of teaching, but those in the know find it easy to reel off dozens of reasons why it might be the best job in the world. Here are just a few of the best things about being a teacher.

  1. Job Satisfaction

There’s no doubt that many teachers do feel frustrated in their roles, but one thing that they seemingly never deny is the amount of fulfillment and satisfaction they get from taking on the role of an educator in a child or teenager’s life. Teachers get a rare opportunity to witness the fruits of their labour on a daily basis, and also across a span of several years as their students steadily advance through different grade levels.

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Many white-collar professionals are stuck in jobs where they repetitively plug away at mundane jobs all day long, just pushing paper and completing seemingly meaningless tasks. Teachers, on the other hand, do work that directly impacts children’s lives every single day and for all of their lives. There’s a reason you tend to remember your great teachers more than your line managers!

  1. Room for Creativity

Teachers get to be creative day-in day-out. They often have to be resourceful and find ways to use limited resources to help whole classes of students reach a particular goal within a limited time. On top of that, they are always striving to make seemingly boring material more engaging and interesting to students. All of this requires a huge amount of creative energy, which is what a lot of teachers love most about the job. It’s a non-stop racket of creative problem solving.

  1. Collaboration
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Another great thing about being a teacher is that it’s a job that naturally invites collaboration. Teachers are split into departments where they have to work with fellow teachers of English, history, maths and other subjects to create an engaging curriculum for all of their students. In some schools, collaboration between different departments is also essential so that students can make meaningful connections between different subjects and learning content. Working with other talented teachers to create these solutions is certainly a big plus of the job.

  1. Holidays

Teaching is a tiring job and requires a lot of early mornings, strict punctuality and a lot of additional work in downtime during evenings and weekends. Teachers are at least rewarded with nice long holidays in the summer and winter, as well as on various public holidays. It allows teachers the opportunity to travel for meaningful periods of time each year, and/or attend training events for professional development that might take them to different cities or countries. Most jobs can’t afford employees such periods of time for personal growth.

  1. Leadership Opportunities
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Teaching is built on a sense of duty, community and selfless service to others, it’s true. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for the most ambitious people in the profession to stretch their wings and fly higher and higher.

The world of education includes fantastic leadership opportunities including administrator roles, and ultimately perhaps senior roles in educational NGOs, or government agencies. These are both lucrative and intellectually stimulating, as well as giving people the chance to have influence in how schools and the wider world of education is run!


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