September 8

Challenges Faced In The World Of Game Based Learning


Game based learning is not that easy as it seems as it comes with some strict challenges all the way through. There are various challenges to use games both in library instruction and classrooms. It is better to discuss off some of the potential barriers associated with the field of game based learning. For example, games will usually take time to learn and then design properly, which is a bummer. Moreover, there will be some wasted efforts, which is the greatest administrative fear. Moreover, game based challenges will involve materials, which can range from being inexpensive to something way too costly to accommodate and work on.

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Other potential challenges coming along the way:

Apart from the points already mentioned, it is better to state that design efforts of game based learning are mostly funded through grants, which are likely to be managed well. Technical and pedagogical supports might also be necessary and can be counted as additional resources in this sector. There might be some issues arising associated with access and digital divide, which is yet another interesting challenge that you might want to work on. There will be an examination needed on whether students might prefer this approach over traditional teaching or not. Most of the cases, students love game based learning, which is why it is getting such huge popularity nowadays.

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Small investment is also available:

However, it is surely mandatory for you to know that there are various games based educational aspects available, which can be done with smaller investment of funds from your side and most of them can be implemented with quite little overhead. So, even if you have fewer amounts by your side, still you can gladly create the perfect game based learning. You just need to get your points and steps right and follow the leads now.


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