September 27

The Art of Magnet Fishing for You


The more powerful your magnet, the more it will catch the most important ferrous masses. You will not necessarily have the arms to pull up a washing machine lost at the bottom of a river and will have to say goodbye to your magnet. Therefore, don’t aim too low or too high with magnet fishing.

Choose your Magnet

Magnets with a large flat surface are also preferred in order to benefit from a greater attachment coverage than on cylindrical type magnets which themselves have a small attachment surface, high risk of loss of the find if it is important. A large magnetized surface will promote grip and facilitate the ascent or release of the ferrous object.

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Finally, it is essential that your magnet has a loop large enough to pass the rope which will allow its ascent. You will easily find them in detection shops, such as this 150 kg neodymium magnet perfectly suited to the practice of magnet fishing.

Choose Your Gloves Properly

As simple as it sounds, a good pair of gloves will be of great help if you don’t want your hands to hurt when rubbing with the rope. Without forgetting the difficult recovery of certain objects or the risk of cuts with rusty finds, do not neglect this point. You won’t regret it the day of your first magnet fishing.

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Magnet Fishing In Motion

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The principle: move to the edge of the water once the magnet has been thrown in order to let the magnet drag and pick up whatever it attracts in its path

The risk: here again, unlike fishing with a magnet in a well, the risk is to block its magnet at the bottom of the water due to a branch or a stone which would obstruct the passage.

Magnet Fishing For Your Child

Children need a variety of opportunities to get to know letters and numbers. In magnetic fishing, the child learns by fishing the symbols he recognizes in a simulated pond with a basin, using a makeshift fishing rod. Separate the numbers or magnetic letters so they don’t stick together, and then fill a basin or tureen with three-quarters of water. Put the numbers or letters inside, little by little. You may want to start with the letters in the child’s name or with the numbers that you already know. Then let the child catch them with his new rod.

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The catch from this fishery is not put in a frying pan, but more likely in a junk collection. Magnetic fishing is not about catching fish, but about searching for metal in the water.


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