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The Best Natural Treatments for Anxiety


The Best Alternative Anxiety Treatments in 2022


In February 2021, the percentage of adults with symptoms of an anxiety disorder increased to 41.5%, nearly half of the adults in the United States. Of course, we all feel anxious from time to time, worrying about exams or how we are going to afford to fix our car. But, for those with an anxiety disorder, the worrying consumes their life and they must find ways to manage it.


In more recent times, natural remedies for anxiety have come a long way as people open up to alternative treatment for mental health conditions. So, we have compiled a list of the best natural treatments for anxiety. These have been tested and proved to have some impact on anxiety levels.

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1.    Using CBD products for natural anxiety relief.


A large experiment, conducted in 2019, found that after a month of using CBD treatment, 79.2% of patients experienced an improvement in their anxiety symptoms. This a whopping figure and certainly attests to the effectiveness of CBD as an alternative treatment for anxiety.


CBD products can be purchased in a variety of forms and strengths. This way, it is easy to fit around your lifestyle. The easiest way perhaps being CBD oil drops, as these come in a travel sized bottle with an easy application. You can also customise your drops by getting them in a flavour that suits your taste buds.

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Whilst not prescribed by any doctors, CBD is certainly one of the natural treatments for anxiety that you should consider.



2.    Herbal remedies


Herbal remedies have a long history within medicine and have been used as an alternative treatment for centuries. There are several herbs which have been said to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. These include ashwagandha, chamomile, hops, kava, lavender and lemon balm.


Herbal remedies can be taken through a number of different mediums such as teas, supplements and even body products.


When taking herbal remedies for anxiety, it is important to do thorough research on the herbs you’re taking as they can have dangerous side effects. They can interfere with the effectiveness of other medications i.e birth control.

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3.    Acupuncture


Acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural feel-good hormones and lessens the intensity of the hormones that create anxiety.


Recent studies have shown that acupuncture is a fairly effective way of soothing anxiety, it is all-natural and doesn’t come with the side effects that medication does. Additionally, the effects of acupuncture can be noticed pretty quickly, with some patients reporting seeing a difference after only one or two sessions.


The amount of acupuncture sessions a person will have is assessed by the severity of their anxiety, and to what extent it is governing their life.




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4.    Hypnotherapy


I’ll admit; when I first heard of hypnotherapy, I thought it was just another useless fad. However, there is no magic and watches to stare at with this kind of natural anxiety treatment.


Hypnotherapy is about engaging with your imagination. It bears a resemblance to meditation and can help you get to the root of your anxiety. With hypnotherapy, you will be in a deep state of relaxation while you discover the cause of your fears.


To try out hypnotherapy, always go for a trusted professional with good testimonials to make sure you’re getting the best treatment for your money.

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5.    Maintain a balanced diet


Before you click off because ‘that’s what everyone says’, maintaining a balanced diet is one of the most important alternative anxiety treatments. You are what you eat and therefore if you’re eating unhealthy junk food, you’re going to feel it.


Having a balanced diet will provide you with essential nutrients to give you the best chance of reducing your anxieties. Doctors and professionals recommend eating naturally magnesium rich foods as they are said to make a person feel calmer.


I don’t know about you but I feel much more content and motivated when I’ve started the day off with a healthy, balanced breakfast rather than a random chocolate bar found in the bottom of my bag.

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So, are alternative anxiety treatments the way to go?


This article has discussed the best natural remedies for anxiety as alternatives to medication and conventional treatments for the disorder.


Although modern medicine is effective for treating anxiety, so can natural remedies. This is why it is important to explore all options for the treatment of anxiety disorders.


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